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The Singhania University is legislated by the Government of Rajasthan, under the Singhania University, Pacheri Bari (Jhunjhunu) Act 2007 (Act No.F.2 (9) Vidhi/2/2008)/ Dated March 29, 2008, published in the Rajasthan Government gazette on 29th March 2008, University acting through its academic council shall be entitled to run all the courses for which the degrees are notified under section 22 of the UGC Act, 1956. All the degrees / diplomas certificates duly awarded /granted by the University shall automatically be entitled to be recognized for Central and State government employment as per H.R.D Ministry circular notification No. F. 18-27/70-T.2 dated November 20, 1970. Singhania University, Pacheri Bari (Jhunjhunu), Rajasthan, is fully recognized and approved by University Grant Commission (UGC) vide letter no. F. 4-1/2009 (CPP-1) dated 01 May, 2009. Singhania University is the esteem member of International Accreditation Organization (IAO). Singhania University is the first University in the country who has been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certification by QS Group Zurich AG-Switzerland. Singhania University since its embodiment has only focused on capacity building, employment centric, entrepreneurship oriented and empowerment essential education.

Singhania University has been established by the Government of Rajasthan, under Ordinance 6 of 2007.It is a UGC recognized private university as per Sec. 2f of the UGC Act 1956.It is located at Pacheri Bari, Jhunjhunu in northern Indian state of Rajasthan.Singhania University was founded by the Shri D C Singhania in 2007.

As defined in the UGC Act 1956 under section 2(f), University means a University established or incorporated by or under a Central Act or a State Act. Singhnaia University, Rajasthan has been established by Government of State of Rajasthan under the State Act. As per section 22(1) of UGC Act 1956, a University thus established under a Central Act or a State Act has the right to confer or grant Degrees. A university duly established under an Act of the Legislature does not require AICTE approval, as per the Law and the Supreme Court judgment.

Singhania University came in existence by the inspirations of Smt. Narmada Devi Singhanaia, mother of the founder Shri. D.C. Singhania. Singhania University was inaugurated on 21st Oct 2007 by a great visionary and a philanthropist, Shri D.C. Singhania to impart quality education of world class standards, reflecting the latest advances in the field of education and research with state-of-the-art academic and administrative infrastructure. The University has a well stocked and furnished library, well equipped labs, a host of indoor and outdoor games and sports, majestic hostels separate for boys and girls, well-furnished cottages for faculty, wide open spaces, lush green lawns, colourful flowerbeds and well kept orchards in sylvan surroundings.

The University has engineered various programmes related to skill development in almost all possible spheres. The University has adopted National Vocational Education Qualification Framework (NVEQF) to advocate vocational and conventional education and also to catalyze the student of conventional to vocational and vice-verse. With tremendous placement record in capacity building the University is also conducting programmes of the level of certificate /diploma/advance diploma of durations varying from 1 day to 4 years. The objective of the university is to stimulate the masses to work for the socio-economic development of the country and harness the prevailing demographic dividend. The University with its Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDPs) inseminates the empowerment factor which helps in building employment through entrepreneurs. In order to expand the accessibility and the qualitative improvement in the Vocational and Higher Education, through Skill Development, Entrepreneurial Development, Intellectual Teaching and for realizing India’s human resource potential to its fullest with equity and also for promoting the cause of national education with capacity building for excellent employability amongst the students, the Singhania University, (A State University Of Rajasthan) has resolved to conduct National Vocational education qualification Framework (NVEQF) capacity building programmes related Arts, Social Sciences, Education, Journalism & Mass Communication, Management, Commerce, Para Medical, Sciences & Technology and other courses.

RCP is also recognised by Construction Industry Development Council of India (CIDC) – Planning Commission, Govt. of India as a ‘Partner Institution’ to provide the Diploma Engineering & B.Tech courses at Lucknow.

D.C. Singhania - Chancellor of Singhania University

In today's world, globalization is rapidly increasing, bringing with it expanded personal mobility; access to knowledge across borders; increased demand for higher education, growing worldwide investment; and increased needs continuing education. The twenty first century undoubtedly belongs to the men and women of strength and excellence in professional fields.

I staunchly believe that freedom of individual development is the basis of democracy. Intellectual progress demands the maintenance of spirit of free enquiry. The pursuit & practice of truth regardless of consequences should be only ambition of universities. All education is expected to be liberal. Education, one of the human resource development strategy, is a powerful tool for peaceful social transformation and for overall development and prosperity of any nation. It should be free from shackles of ignorance, prejudice and unfounded belief. Education is an important index of human development.

Higher Education is indeed a vital tool for intellectual, cultural, aesthetic development and a means for achieving wider social aspirations. The responsibility of Universities in the context of changing scenario is not only confined to imparting education but also to forecast the future needs of economy. The National Knowledge Commission has also stressed that there is an urgent need for massive expansion in the field of higher education because the proportion of our population, in the relevant age group, that enters the world of higher education, is about 7% only, while in developed countries it is upto 85% and at the same time, it is important to raise quality of higher education. Keeping in view contemporary needs, also that higher education should be accessible to one and all. Education is the fundamental mechanism for social inclusion, growth through the creation of more opportunities.

We at Singhania University are committed to achieve these many objectives by making it an example of excellence comparable to the best in the world. To make higher education accessible to poor people we are initiating novel schemes of scholarships to meritorious students and loan facilities.

Deeply inspired by my mother to contribute towards the progress and prosperity of the coming generations, the Singhania University, Pacheri Bari has been established to nurture and cultivate young minds in the pursuit of knowledge. Committed to excellence, we seek to educate our students to be responsible, forward looking and creative citizens of the world. They should start earning while learning and soon after completing their studies, they should be able to employ themselves gainfully either as self-employed or are well equipped and trained to get employment globally. The curriculum and practical training in the campus, therefore, always keep in view the emerging global opportunities in business and employment. Shortly, when service sector is also opened up by WTO, movements of service providers from one country to another country shall become almost free. Due to negative growth population in developed countries, demand for educated professionals is increasing day by day and our goal is to provide such education as may suit the emerging employment opportunities globally. We, being a University Campus, have got the freedom to design our courses and practical training in a way that would enable the students to get gainfully employed not only in India but globally.

The University offers a unique academic environment of continuous influence and interaction considered essential for the enrichment of mind and the body with the maximum of speed and minimum of cost. Enthusiastic efforts of the students, dedication of the faculty and active co-operation of the parents is making our movement towards excellence and innovation smooth and speedy. The University shall always endeavor to emerge as an excellent launching ground for success, helping students to reach the pinnacle of glory in the rapidly developing world. Our goal is to make our students global citizens on completion of their higher education capable of establishing themselves in any part of the world to lead a happy & prosperous life.

May God be with us in all our endeavours.